Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Moon, 2 Planets AND lots to do!

Many of us spend our whole
lives running from feeling
with the mistaken belief that
you cannot bear the pain. But
you have already borne the pain.
What you have not done is feel
all that you are beyond that pain.
--- Bartholomew
I made this wreath a couple of years ago and never quite finished it. I have plans for more with an ocean theme. The mermaids are working on them now. :o)
My outside porch lights are working again! Yesterday I bought a couple of new strands to replace them, but when I triple-checked, they stayed on all last night.....who knows!
I still have a couple of these Merck Family Old World Christmas ornaments for sale. They were made in Germany and the sale price is 3.00 if anyone is interested.

The Moon, Jupiter and Venus. I decided to try and get a picture of this spectacular event (well I don't know if it is a spectacular event, but at least it is something neat to look at!)

This was taken with the new camera and the setting on night.....really slow "shutter" speed.....kinda neat, but not what I was expecting.....maybe I moved too?
Now that we are done with our poems from the book Mightier than Circumstance by Frank B. Whitney I thought I would post the Minute Rice ad that was in December's Country Living magazine over the next week or so! Some things on the list we definitely do each year and others are stretching it a bit, but it was fun to actually read through it. Has anyone else read it? Flip the magazine over to their Holidays 2008 issue (in the same magazine) and it is on page 17A. Let's start:
~ Get decorations out of attic.
~ Untangle strands of lights
~ Bake cookies for open house
~ Block off two afternoons for gift shopping
~ Order turkey from grocery store
~ Borrow punch bowl from Mom
~ Find eggnog recipe online
~ Feel nostalgic watching Rudolph on TV
~ Have kid's photo taken with Santa at mall
~ Write annual holiday letter and try to sound
modest while bragging about kids
~ Organize caroling party
~ Clear appointment calendar for vacation time
~ Buy scented candles
~ String popcorn for tree
~ Sew button on jacket
~ Go shopping during lunch hour
~ Find white elephant gift for office party
~ Buy teacher gifts
~ Bake treats for Molly's class
~ Drop off food at church
Got you motivated? Let's get started!

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