Friday, February 11, 2011

The Stars, a Camellia and Mamie the cat

A few days ago I told you
 about my camellia bush
 HERESince I am trying
 to finish things I start, here
are the promised pictures.

And here is the poor little bush
 below.   Later in the spring I think
I will transplant it again into a
larger pot.   And religiously
 fertilize and water it more. 

 In the background you can see 2
 hot pink chairs.   The one on the
 right has a feral cat that I have
 been feeding regularly the past
 few months.   Actually she has been
around for 4 years.  In fact, she
 is one of the cats we got spayed
(we fixed close to 15 cats), but
 not before she had 3 kittens, which
 we were able to catch and tame
for adoption.  Well, actually one was
 quite the hellion, which is why I
 named her Angel (I kept wanting to
 call her devil cat) but she loved to
 be rubbed on her tummy and
 would tolerant being picked up
 for a minute or two.   Finally a friend
 with 40 acres took her a couple of
years ago and she is doing well
 in her new home.  I didn't want
 to re-release her here as when we
 move I would feel responsible to
take herHer mama, Mamie (my neighbor named her that) used to
 spend more time at his place, but
for some reason decided to come
 stay with us for awhile.   That is
 why I put a pillow and towel on the
 chair for her to sleep on.  But she
 doesn't sleep there at night.   I
don't know where she goes, but I
suspect she sleeps under one of
the sheds.   She still runs off a little
 when I feed her, but lately has
 been staying within several feet. 
  She is a funny little cat, but aren't
they all?   :o)   I just remembered,
 I have a pic of her......shown below
 and taken a couple of months ago.
She is mottled multi-color gray.

I couldn't find the author
 of this quote either.
True sentiment...
wouldn't you agree?

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