Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mendocino, Fort Bragg and the Pacific Ocean

I found a similar saying,
 but this one is anonymous.
Remember, you can smile
at many people and your
smile will shine just as
brightly as before.   :o)
I wanted to get these pics posted
before the time got away from me.
   As you know, I am always saying
 I will post stories and pictures
 later and hardly ever do!   Trying
to work on that this year.  I still
plan to post some pics from
 a Halloween party we went to
 and our Disneyland trip during
Thanksgiving.  Maybe I will
start next week as it is 
suppose to start raining
 again in Northern California.
Below are a few pics from our
overnight trip to Fort Bragg/
Mendocino on Super Bowl
Arrived 2-6-11, looking off our
 deck at the Beachcomber Motel
 in Fort Bragg.

Down on the beach...high tide.

SUNSET 2-6-11
Pacific Ocean

Morning 2-7-11
Pudding Creek Beach

My favorite tidepool.  Looking
down, it looks like the old
 Submarine ride at Disneyland!  :o)
(Which is now, Finding Nemo) 
Mike looking for treasures.
  This is looking towards the
 Beachcomber Motel.
The tidepool and ocean are
behind us.
Someone's sweet little footprint.
Off to Mendocino.  It is about
 12 miles South of the motel.
 This is the main street along
 the "cove" (which is to the
 right) in Mendocino.
The ocean is behind me.
The two-story building with
the dormers is one of my
dream buildings.  It is for sale
for $ 1.3 also has a
house behind it with a lovely
garden.  I have posted a pic
of the garden in the past.
We always have to stop here for
my favorite dark chocolate-covered
peanuts.  Yes, I did have them and
I took a pic, but I can't find it now.
They were delicious and quite
large.   :o)

One last pic before we go.... 
Mendocino Headlands Park...
looking South.  It
was so windy I could barely
stand up to take this pic!  Mike
stayed in the car.
For wonderful photos go to:
A Beach Cottage

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