Sunday, February 13, 2011

Reggie Bibbs / Neurofibromatosis

Well, I found another inspirational
guy today on the Discovery channel.
(Somehow I end up watching these
shows late Sunday afternoons!)
Actually two guys, the show
"My Brand New Face"
also included Maurice Simpson.
 Maurice was also very inspirational
 and inspired Reggie to get out of his
comfort zone more.   Reggie had already
 started a foundation several years ago
 called The Just Ask! Foundation
which helps raise awareness of
NF is a genetic disorder of the nervous
 system which causes tumors to form
 on the nerves anywhere in the body
 at any time.  NF is not a rare disorder,
 it is the most common neurological
disorder caused by a single gene.
For more information on this
wonderful guy and to buy a
 Just Ask T-Shirt (I ordered 2)
please go HERE

I couldn't find anything on this
true sentiment.   Aren't new
friends wonderful?

1 comment:

Matt said...

I am a friend of Reggie's and wanted you (and everyone) to note that the Discovery Channel got it wrong. Maurice did not inspire Reggie to do what he does. He's been out doing this for years. Check his blog for as far back as you can check and you will see that he finally started getting out into the public eye, with great success, years ago.

Maurice is a great person and is truly an inspiration, but he had nothing to do with Reggie doing what he does. As a matter of fact, the reverse is closer to the truth than what the Discovery Chanel aired.

Without Reggie's courage, people like Maurice would have a much harder road ahead of them.

Thanks for listening!