Thursday, February 3, 2011

Is it so small a thing...

Here is looking at our little town,
 Lakeport on Clear Lake.
Mike and I went for a semi-walk
 (we mainly shuffled along looking for
 turtles and found one sunning itself
on a log in one of the creeks)
 to the county park yesterday and I took
 this photo looking towards town. 
 This is actually a close-up.
It was about 62 degrees, which I
 know for all of you back east and
 in the midwest is beyond reason!
  I suppose this is why we
 Californians put up with the
 earthquakes...nearly perfect weather
 most of the time.   :o)

Same photo, but a
long view towards Lakeport

Words to live by....
from Matthew Arnold.
I just noticed the little ladybugs
in the first photo...cute!

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Prairie Patch said...

Hi, Lori -

What a beautiful view you have around where you live. I love the water. All I have is a little slough to look at - lol!