Friday, February 4, 2011

Anthony Kimbrough

Well, I am finally writing a post
 about a gentleman I met online, Anthony Kimbrough.   Anthony had a near-death experience about 5 years ago
 and was interviewed for Biography
 channel's  "I Survived...Beyond
 and Back".  Has anyone watched
 the show?  I felt like it
 was meant to be as I haven't watched
 the show before or since!   (The episode
 I watched was on 1-23-11 and titled "Dea/Matt/Anthony".  You can watch it
online too.)  Although all 3 stories were compelling, Anthony's really touched me.
  His wife, Denise, is also on the show and charming.    Anthony has 2 blogs.
You see, Anthony was diagnosed with
 both throat cancer and non hodgkin's lymphoma, 4 or so years after his NDE.
 (He had had a heart attack)  
  Interesting huh?
His wit and honesty and kindness are
evident.   Please pop over to either site
 and leave an encouraging comment for
 him.  And if you have a question about
 either subject I am sure he will be
 happy to answer.

I couldn't find any author of this
 little rhyme.   Anyone know?  
Tonight we are going to dinner
 with friends to help celebrate their
 son's 20th birthday.
I might have to have a Lemon Drop
 cocktail, although it does have sugar
 in it....pause.... but life is too
short and I don't think one would
 hurt me?   :o)   My main thing is no
 candy, cookies, cake, etc.   Oops, what
about birthday cake....hmmmmm? 
Moving on...........still no Starbucks
in, let's see, I guess it has been 4
weeks today!    And still no sugar for
 23 days.  But that might change tonight,
 I might have to have a little bite
 of birthday cake! (especially if it is chocolate! :o)

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