Monday, February 21, 2011

Bethany Hamilton

I hope you are feeling good
 and enjoying your week so far.
Wow, I can't believe a week has gone
by with no posts.  I had planned to
keep up with my posts, but each day
seems to fly by.  I know everyone
 can relate to that. But each day is a
 new beginning so no regrets, right?
I wanted to mention another
lovely person I came across last week.
Before the movie Gnomeo and Juliet,
one of the trailers shown was the
new movie, Soul Surfer.  Have you
heard about it?   It is the story of
Bethany Hamilton, the little gal
who was attacked by a shark in
Hawaii back in 2003. (I remember
when it happened and can't believe
 it has been nearly 8 years ago)  She
 lost one of her arms, but was
 determined to surf again and boy has she!

Look at this awesome photo of her
in 2009!   (Click on photo for full image,
 she is inside the wave) Just amazing
 and what a great shot....I love it !
She just turned 21 this month
and is another inspirational person her Faith and living her
 dream!  Check out her website HERE
I can't wait to see her movie,
Soul Surfer! I think it comes
out in April.  Thanks Bethany!

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