Sunday, January 30, 2011


First, a bit of eye-candy....
this fabulous Weiss pin is from
my husband in one of my
 favorite flowers....a pansy and
my favorite and purple! 
  It is actually brighter
and so sparkling in person....

The past few days have been
 pleasant around here......
 have your days been the
 same, my friend?
I continue to visit my new friend,
Colleen, who turned 85 on the same
day as my Mom's birthday (Jan. 22nd). 
 I usually see her every Friday for
 an hour.  She was up in her wheelchair,
 not in bed, so that was a great sign!
A couple of weeks ago she was in
 bed two weeks in a row and I was
concerned about her.
We got some rain last night as forecast
and this morning was cloudy and gray.
I expected the whole day to be like that,
but late in the morning the blue sky
 began to peek through and
 behold sunny skies around 1 pm! 
I finally went out
around 2:30 to get some fresh air
 and walked up and down our driveway
 3 times.  (Remember, we have a
 longer than average driveway with
 a bit of an incline)  
Next, as I was pinching back some
 pansies, I discovered my camellia
bush had several pale pink buds
 getting ready to bloom!   I'll take
pics when it does.   I bought the plant
 about 3 years ago, but never planted it
as we really do not have much
shade and I didn't know where to put
 it so I could still see it.  It was in a
 little one gallon pot and bloomed
the first year, but the 2nd
 and 3rd blooms.   :o(  
 So I finally re-potted it into a larger
 pot and fertilized it last year....pretty regularly.   Well, lo' and behold,
 the buds started developing and
I have been excitedly awaiting to see
 if it would bloom this winter....and yes,
 it looks like it will happen!

Found the quoter....Henry Ward Beecher

And lastly, another thrift store find
 that I found on Friday.   No chips,
not from China and I paid only 1.50 for it.
  I was thrilled and will keep this one!  
I sometimes go for weeks or a month
 or two without going to the
 thrift store and then at other times,
like now, I have tried to go almost
 everyday.  Still no Starbucks - 23 days
 and no sugar, but I did have a bit
of wheat last Tuesday.  Oh and next
 time I will tell you how good I
 have been regarding no sugar.

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering how you are doing. Thanks for the update and sharing your lovely treasures. I think it is so great you are continuing to see Colleen. Good job with the Starbucks. Baby steps! hugs, Marie