Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spring-like Day!

Science has never
 drummed up quite
 as effective a
 tranquilizing agent
 as a sunny spring day.
--- W. Earl Hall

Although it is
technically not spring,
 today was our first real
warm day in 3 months
....over 70 degrees.
This little violet had opened
 and I had to share it.
It smelled so sweet!
A friend and I took a long walk
 around town this afternoon. 
 She is in great  shape
and kept up the pace.
But walking up a hill, I
 had to take it easy.   I am
 out of shape, but not for long!
I only wish I could walk
 like that everyday....I
would be in shape in no time!

This is my winter-overed garden
under the carport.  I bought a dozen
 6 packs of pansies in November
and never got them planted!   
  Mike and I planted several
 for my mother-in-law for Christmas,
but the rest are still on a little metal
tea cart under our carport
and will probably stay
that way until summer!
I have some swiss chard and
lettuce that are growing nicely.....
I just cut the leaves as needed.
I also have some kale growing,
but a couple of months ago
something ate them down
to the stems.  I went out
for 3 nights in a row
after 11 pm expecting
to see earwigs, but
found nothing.   Then
 a couple of days later
 I was looking closely
 at the stems and found 
one little green worm !
I never found any others,
 but I can't imagine he
 ate all  six plants!
I did transfer him
 to one of the oleanders
 down the driveway.
The kale are slowly getting
their leaves back and
I can use them in
my green drinks soon.
In the background is my
 little meyer lemon tree
that I roll back and forth
into the sun/clouds/rain each day. 
 It still has 6 lemons I need to
 use, but I like to see them
 on the tree....go figure.
I cover it almost every night
so it doesn't freeze.
I had hoped to plant some
sweet pea seeds I got
 last year, but didn't get
it done.   Hopefully tomorrow
 will be as warm as today.

And lastly, I ate half this container
...technically only 2 oz. of this
 delicious goat cheese!
They are a semi-local company
located in Sebastopol. 
(about 1 1/2 hours southwest)
I haven't been eating cheese
regularly for about a
year, only occasionally.
  Now that I am trying
 to get off sugar, I
 thought I needed a treat.  
 I haven't had Starbucks
 for a week and sugar for
3 days. I don't know
how long I can keep it
up, but one day at a time.   :o)

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