Sunday, February 1, 2009

Single steps make up many miles.

A journey of a thousand
miles begins with a
single step.
--- Confucius

Can you imagine having to write a postcard to say you will meet someone someplace and not know for sure if they got it or will be there?


Here are some photos of the motel we stayed at The Beachcomber Motel in Fort Bragg. It is the only motel that is really "on the beach". You walk out your room and take a little path down the "cliff" and you are in the sand. There is a walking path on this side of the motel that starts just to the right of the trestle and continues a couple of miles north to the left. They finished reconstructing the trestle this past year (glad they still had money to do it), but no more train...only walking/biking.
The below picture is looking out to the left of the motel, onto the bluffs, which is where I was standing to get the above picture. Get it?

Below picture is taken from the bluffs on the other side, looking back to the trestle and motel (on left)

Looking out our motel toward the same bluffs that the above, above picture was taken! :o)
It is still sunny and pleasant, but rain is in the forecast starting Thursday. HURRAY!

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jj said...

What lovely photos! I'm happy you two enjoyed your stay in my hometown... But I wanted to say while the Beachcomber is a wonderful hotel, there is another called the Surf & Sand which is really good too, and also right on the beach. jj