Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Rain and Movies

It is a beautiful necessity
of our nature to love
--- Douglas Jerrold

We are still getting lovely rain most of the time.(actually, it is pouring right now! :o) Yesterday I had the TV on and "watched" 4 movies throughout the day, TURNER AND HOOCH (still sweet), I DO ( I DON'T) (cute), MUST LOVE DOGS(Good) and THE PERFECT MAN (surprisingly good too). I have 4 old movies I taped from PBS over the past month and may watch one or two today as I am working on projects. Either LAURA-1944, THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN-1954, SINGIN' IN THE RAIN-1952 AND ROYAL WEDDING-1951. I suppose Singin' in the Rain would be appropriate, but since I have seen it before I am leaning towards Three Coins in the Fountain.

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