Saturday, February 21, 2009

Leafy greens and pink chicks

All loves should be simply
steppingstones to the love of
God. So it was with me; and
blessed be his name for his
great goodness and mercy.
--- Plato

I am late today in my post because the sun kept peeking in and out of the clouds and the temperature was hovering at 60 degrees so I decided to make another cup of coffee (at 1:30) and sit outside and enjoy. The weather report says we are in for more rain this next week, starting tonight which is more good news. I decided to take advantage of this bit of sun and forget that I had my hair to do, run into town for milk and gas, (Mike is coming home tonight) and dozens of other things I had hoped to do today. I even put on a skirt and tank top to fully enjoy the warmth of the sun. The cool breeze came by several times, but when the sun wasn't behind a cloud it was nice and warm! How many of us really enjoy life? I mean really enjoy it, no matter what it brings? Really taking the time to stop and smell the roses as they say and not worry about everything there is "to do" or see or buy? I can't tell you how many times I have beat myself up for not finishing this or that. Maybe there is a reason? Such as I really need to listen to that still small voice inside of me. Have you ever done that? Sit and listen. I have only done that a couple times....truly done that. And it does work yet I still don't do it enough. I mean I have sat still and quiet many times, but my mind is restless and then I try to let it pass, but I get worried and basically give up. I still wonder why it is so easy to do the negative stuff, but harder to do the positive? That is my quest.

As I was making my green drink today, I decided to share a few photos of the lovely greens that our local farmers have provided. God bless all the farmers, especially the organic farmers in our country and I guess, the whole world for that matter! Good stewards of our earth, they are trying to grow clean and healthy produce for all of us to live by. Wonder why there is so much cancer and mutation of our cells? Look no further then the pesticides and chemicals that abound. Please support your local organic farmer, even if their produce is a bit more money. It is for the future of our earth and our children's health. (and remember, I don't even have kids, but I am still concerned about other people's kids, so if you have children of your own you should be even more concerned ! :o) The above is Lacinato Kale. It is so dark green and delicious.

Mache. Darling little bits of green. On the bag, "A salad staple in Europe where it is called Corn Salad and Lamb's Lettuce. This cool season plant has a nutty flavor unlike any other salad green." I think I will use the rest in a salad tonight.

Chicory. I love it's bitterness.
Another beautiful leafy green.

And lastly, this darling little pink chick! I broke down and purchased it yesterday at Michael's. Made in China, but I just couldn't resist. :o) I bought two sizes. This one is 1 3/4 inches tall and came in a box of 6 and then the sweetest little 3/4" ones. 15 of them. I'll share those tomorrow. Doesn't she make you smile?

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