Thursday, September 22, 2011

The world surrounds us with perfections.

Look what was in the
garden last week?

I love finding praying mantis!
As I was taking the pictures,
it lifted up it's little front legs
 as if to fight me.   As if I
would hurt it!

Can you see his wings
a buzzin'?  Click on pic
for larger view.
And of course there are lots
of bees!   I love bees too!
These bees were starting
to fill up on pollen...their
little legs were covered.
Each day, awakening, are we
asked to paint the sky blue?
Need we coax the sun to rise
or flowers to bloom?  Need
 we teach birds to sing, or
children to laugh, or lovers
 to kiss?  No, though we
 think the world imperfect,
 it surrounds us each day
 with its perfections. 
We are asked only to
 appreciate them, and to
 show appreciation by living
 in peaceful harmony amidst
them.  The Creator does not
 ask that we create a perfect
world; He asks that we
celebrate it.
--- Robert Brault

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