Saturday, September 10, 2011

Marie's Birthday/The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

My dear friend Marie and I
 spent the afternoon together
 on Thursday, Sept. 8th
celebrating her birthday
 which was on the 6th!

Here we are in our glory!   This is
actually 2 photos side by side
 and then I took a photo of it
from the computer screen!  
  I forgot my camera, but Marie
brought hers and was holding it
 at arm's length to get a pic !  
We took 5 of them and really only
 these were the best of the bunch.
(which ain't saying much   :o) 
   Nothing like having on no make-up
 and your hair wind-blown!   She
then emailed me the photos and
this is what I came up with!
We went to our favorite place,
the cafe at The City of Ten Thousand
Buddhas in Ukiah, California

These photos were taken last
June 2010, the last time we
were there with another friend.

The ten thousand buddhas are
 actually statues within the temple. 
I don't have the whole story,
but you can read about it

Outside of the Temple.

There are peacocks roaming
around the whole property.
One time, years ago, I saw
a white one, but haven't since.

 I remember each time I tried
to get a close-up of one of them
in full spread, they quickly moved.

I don't know how I got this one !

 The fish pond.
Sometimes we see turtles too.

Another favorite are the street signs......

The food is vegan.  Our favorite
dishes are the mushrooms with
 basil sauce (one of the best!)
and dumplings...YUM !

This is the front of the cafe, with
Marie and Katie taken June 2010.
We also stopped by another
favorite place in Ukiah,
 a store called Habitat located
at 110 South State Street.
We should have taken pics, but
didn't think about it until later.  
 We bought several candles and
I also got a faux lavender plant.  
 I have been wanting one to put
on my kitchen counter for a couple
 of years and never found one that
 looked real.  I think this one does
 and was thrilled that the owner
gave me a 25% discount since it was
 from the summer collection.   :o)

What do you think?
Does it look real?
A quote from the Buddha
on Self Discipline ---
It is better to conquer
yourself  than to win a
 thousand battles. Then the
 victory is yours.  It cannot
be taken from you, not
 by angels or by demons,
 heaven or hell.
and on Life ---
The secret of health for 
both mind and body is not
 to mourn for the past, worry
 about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live
 in the present moment
 wisely and earnestly.

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Marie said...

Lori thank you for such a nice post. We do have a good time each day we are there. It is worth the trip. Yes, I should have put makeup on and not looked so wilted, but gravity is winning the war. love you...