Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day !

In honor of my friend Marie,
who is a ovarian cancer survivor
and thriver, I had hoped to get
 this together yesterday so
I could remind everyone to
 wear teal today.  If there is
still time, please add a bit of
teal or wear a whole outfit
in memory and awareness
of Ovarian Cancer.
As I wrote earlier in the month,
 September is Ovarian Cancer
Awareness Month.
I have my bracelet that I
am wearing today.
It says "it listen".
 I also made these little
ribbons several years
ago and passed them out to
friends and the women
at my bank.
For more information and
to donate, even a small
amount, please visit
 these websites:


Love ya glad you
are alive !   :o)
Few are those who
see with their own
eyes and feel with
their own hearts.
--- Albert Einstein

1 comment:

Marie said...

Thank you for honoring the day and all it means to me. I am here because of the doctors, but also because of the support of friends like you. It means the world to me.