Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The good, the bad and the JOY!

For the past few days most
Americans (and our international
 friends) have experienced sad
 and for many, painful memories
 on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. 
 I feel there is not much to say
 on that subject that hasn't already
 been said this past week.

Our best is to remember each
 person and event as being
connected to us all and that by
 honoring ourselves and the world
around us with love, patience
and the commitment to do what
 is right and good we are never
 really separated from each other.
  I know, easy to say, but true.  
 I still struggle with my Mom's
death 7 years ago on the 15th. 
 But I have to believe this way...
the interconnectedness of Life
and the Grace of God, the Creator.
I hope everyone has heard
of Mattie Stepanek .  He wrote this
poem the day of the 9/11 attacks.
   What a special soul to have graced
our earth.  Oprah interviewed him and
 said he is her top favorite guest.
  But for 1000's of penguin watchers,
this past weekend also showed
the reality of nature and not being
able to control everything.   Our
little friend, Happy Feet's
tracking device has fallen silent
since last Friday the 9th, 5 days
 after his release.  There are many
speculations as to why this has
happened, but for me and many
others, we choose to believe that the
tracker simply fell off and Sir Happy
Feet is still swimming around and
 enjoying himself back in his home,
the Southern Ocean.   To read
 more click HERE

Photo courtesy of Saphira Brillant Nrew
So my contribution to our world
of emotions was to take 2 glorious
days and do just as I please.  I know,
many who know me say "well you
do that anyway".   Yes, but this
time I gave myself permission to!
After Friday's news of Happy Feet's
tracker being trackless, I figured the
weekend would be the perfect time
to do all the things that are within
my power of doing to make myself
happy and therefore bring up my
positive vibration quota.  We also
had a mini-heatwave here with the
temps. rising to 100 degrees...
hopefully summer's last hurrah
.....so with 9/11 looming,
Happy Feet supposedly "lost"
(but not really, just untrackable)
and the heat, which makes me
more irritable than usual, this
was the perfect time for indulgences. 
  I decided that I would

eat chocolate cake,
 have a cocktail or two,

buy some flowers for outside to spruce
up for fall,

finish watching season 7
of the Gilmore Girls (which I am
still doing)

spend more time with my little kitty
Pansy and give her extra rubs
under her chin.(which she loves) 

Oh yes, my favorite Fresh Roll
 at our new Thai restaurant,
 Chalerm Thai Bistro  in Lakeport. 
 (I bring my own to-go containers)  
 They also have a wonderful peanut 
sauce for dipping. 
And of course a couple of blended
mocha coffee drinks for good measure.  
 What a joy to give yourself
permission to do the things that
bring you joy !   Now I know I do
 most of these things, but usually not
all at once!  The only other thing that
 would have been perfect was a
 massage, but it was too late notice
 to do anything like that.  My 2 days
of indulgence did turn into 3 though
and maybe the whole week! 
 On Monday Marie and I met up again 
 and spent an hour and a half at
 Michaels the craft store!  I found
 these darling penguin stickers
 without really looking and I had
to have them.  :o)  I hope to do
a small scrapbook of Happy Feet
one day. 

 We also had a
quick lunch at the temple again. 
 When we were together
 last Thursday we noticed that there
 was one of those Halloween super
 stores opening in Ukiah for the
season.  They were to open this past
weekend so we thought we would
get together again on Monday to
 check it out, but when we went by
 they still weren't open...:o( 
They hope to be open this
 Saturday so we might have to do it
 all over again next week.   :o)   We 
 also had planned to go by our 
 favorite nursery last week too, but 
didn't make it....so we went by
yesterday and were a bit disappointed.  
They usually have wonderful displays
 and all sorts of blooms, but not much
 this time.   I guess the past heat was
 a bit too much.  Anyway, I hope all of
you will take a couple of days this
year and plan your own days of
indulgence.   Even if you have to set
 aside some money each week and
 save for it....it is so worth it.  So I
think I contributed to the world's
 vibration in a positive way and
helped the economy a bit too in the
 process!  Now if I can just keep this
feeling going indefinitely without so
many indulgences that cost money !   
What are the things you would
do on your own perfect joyful day...
just for yourself?   Remember
you have to take care of yourself
before you can truly help others.
I always think of the instructions
on planes,  "and parents please
put your mask on first and then
help your children on with theirs."
Who looks outside,
who looks inside,
--- Carl Jung

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Marie said...

Thanks for sharing some of your time with me. It is always special and you are right about HF. I know he is just sailing thru the waters toward home. Your Mom is smiling down on you and sending you love from above. Don't we all need that???