Friday, September 2, 2011

Mendocino 9-1-11

Thursday, Sept. 1, 2011
Just a quick tour of Mendocino.
After lunch we did our regular
walk around town, but I forgot
 to take some photos so we drove
 back around town so I could
get these!  The fog was just off
 the coast, but we braved the 
chill in the air and sat outside
 on the deck at the Bay View Cafe
 for lunch.  Fish & chips for Mike
 and Fried shrimp for me.   :o)
It was finally opened after
 being closed nearly 8 months
 after a water pipe burst.
In my opinion, the only restaurant
 in the village with a great view of
 the ocean when it isn't foggy!

Bay View Cafe to the left
of the Water Tower.

After lunch it was on to
Papa Bear's Chocolate House
(yellow building)
for their delicious dark chocolate
covered peanuts!   YUM !

Below is one of my many dream
 properties.  It comes with both
the front building and back house,
 with a lovely garden, right on Main St.
....all for only $1.7 million!   The view
from the front upstairs windows is
perfect though.   :o)

These are taken from the Headlands....
showing the fog hugging the coast.


On some hill of despair,
 the bonfire you kindle
 can light the great sky ---
though it's true, of course,
to make it burn you
 have to throw yourself in.
--- Galway Kinnell

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