Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Feet has been released into the sea!

Happy Feet was released into the
 sea, south of New Zealand at the
 51 degree mark on Sunday,
Sept. 4th, 2011, New Zealand time.
  Here in California it was
Saturday the 3rd.
As far as we know he is doing
 well.  We are still able to
keep tabs on him, for now, by
 a tracking device that was actually
glue onto him!  It will come off
when he molts later this year.
To track him, click HERE
The below photos are from the site .   To see more
photos of his release click HERE .

 Should I or shouldn't I?

Well for better or worse,
ocean, here I come!

So many people worked night and
day to see that this one little penguin
 had another chance at life.  Thank you Wellington Zoo staff, especially
 Dr. Lisa Argilla,
 and the crew of the Tangaroa .
Good bye Sir Happy Feet---I will
miss you and pray for you a long
life!  You have taught me much
and I am forever grateful. 
Thank you God for this gift.

For the complete story and video
click HERE
Study nature, love nature,
stay close to nature.  It
will never fail you.
--- Frank Lloyd Wright

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