Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Second Day of Autumn

Look what I woke up
to this morning .....

We might get a bit of rain
tomorrow, although the sun
is making it's way out right
 now.   I am so glad to see
 the HOT weather go.
Yesterday it was 95 degrees
and just not fun.  Today they
say it will be 84 and tomorrow
 only 70, but the rest of the
week will be in the 80's
with a couple of days back
 to 90, but at least not 95!
   I have lots of outside work to
 do including planting these
(and more) .....
.....with the help from my
dear Pansy.....
Oh, how I wish she could help me !
Speaking of help....I keep
forgetting to mention that
Cheryl and I saw the movie
 "The Help" last week.
I hadn't read the book, but
the movie was FANTASTIC!
All 4 main characters were
wonderful, but for me the
actresses that played Minnie
just too much!  Loved them
both, well not Hilly's character,
 but both of their acting was
superb in my opinion !   The
fashions and sets were perfect
 and the colors and patterns were
such a treat for the eyes.
Yesterday I had a nice visit with my old neighbors
from 1999.   I have seen them here and there over
 the years, and we always said we would get together,
 but never quite made it happen.  They are so very kind
and easygoing and said to just call whenever I had Wednesday I called to say how about Thursday
and we settled on Friday.  I can't believe I forgot my
camera.   Their yard is absolutely enchanting!
Their house is on a mountain and they have tiered
and tiered the property with tons of rocks, stone and
cement and then planted 100's of trees, shrubs,
and flowers....figs, olives, apples, roses, jasmine vines,
wisteria, lilacs, veggies...the list goes on and on.  There is
 a water shortage in that area so they were only watering
the veggies.  Unfortunately the roses may be gone next
year.  They also had a waterfall that went from the top
of the property to the bottom, but had no water in it.
Too much to run right now so I will have to go over
this winter after a good rain to see.  :o)  And the view
 of the lake....oh my goodness!  I had kinda forgotten
 how gorgeous the view really is, but the drive into town
is 25 minutes and just too far away for me to want to live
 up that way again.  After my 3 1/2 hour visit I headed
 over to Cheryl's (she is up that way too).  Since I am
 rarely in that area I had called her earlier to see if
 she wanted to watch the last episode of All My Children
 together.  She has watched it for all 40 years, since
she was a teenager! 
Above photo from ABC Studios
All My Children logo as in the "New Decade" credits
 (December 22, 2010-present)
 I haven't watched AMC since the
early 80's, but with it's end, I decided to watch this
last week.  It was so fun, but almost sad to see all the
 old characters that were still on.  Not sad for them,
but for me...thinking about how young they were back
 then and although they all looked great now, that meant
 me too, growing older and thinking about how young I
 was back then!  Pretty emotional.  The whole week's
worth of episodes were quite nice....all ran along at a nice
 clip (not dragged out) until Friday's episode!  
A disappointment for sure.
They claim they will be bringing back the show on
the internet, but already some of the actors have found
other jobs so it will not be the same.  Of course, they left
 the show with a cliffhanger !  Total bummer!   I was so
hopeful that they would continue along the path of this
past week and end it positively instead of with
a literal bang!   Oh well, I should know better with
the soaps!  I am glad though that I watched the last
 week and wish all the actors the very best in whatever
 they all choose do in the future.   :o)
Thanks for the memories!
The sun, with all those
planets revolving around
it and dependent on it,
can still ripen a bunch
of grapes as if it had
 nothing else in the
universe to do.
--- Galileo

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Marie said...

I'm glad you had a good visit. Isn't today just wonderful. I could live like this forever, but then we wouldn't appreciate it. So you will have to tell me what the cliff hanger was when I see you. I wish I could have watched more of Susan on the View but had to get going. Do you need an Erica doll??