Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Cookies

Well, things are looking up! I actually did 2 more things I have wanted to do for years...go to a Christmas Eve service and make sugar cookies! First, Mike and I, his sister Terri, and my in-laws Ruth and Ted went to Christmas Eve service at 9:30 pm on, of course, Christmas Eve. We sang Christmas songs, heard the Christmas story and at the end, lit candles to Silent Night. It was magical and happy. Secondly, I made sugar cookies and decorated 5 of them ! :o)

The Christmas tree with the little star garland, pink snowman, orange and brown reindeer, yellow star with multi-color sprinkles and the blue bell with silver jimmies and a white snowflake knocker.

I baked 2 batches.....the first one on Sunday the 19th was gluten-free. They tasted ok, but not exactly how I remembered them so out they went. On Monday the 20th I baked another batch with regular flour, but since I used a mixture of xylitol and unprocessed sugar they were a little on the brown side and a bit soft. I kept them in the frig for 5 or 6 days and brought them with me to my in-laws. On Christmas afternoon, my mother-in-law Ruth and sister-in-law Terri and myself decorated most of them. Now I can say I made sugar cookies after 15 years !
Thank you Ruth and Terri for encouraging me to get them decorated and helping me!

Hope everyone had a lovely and joyful Christmas weekend!

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