Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Cookies (sprinkles that is!)

Well, since I got to dress up this past Halloween and go to a party(which is something I have wanted to do since our party in 2002) I decided that this is the year I will make decorated sugar cookies again! I used to make these every year. The kind that you frost and then painstakingly put each little decoration on by hand. For instance, Christmas Trees. They used to make little flat dots (kinda like the little stars below) that I would take one by one and place them ever so carefully on each cookie like garland. So when I saw these colorful little stars at the grocery store I couldn't resist buying both bottles to try my hand again. The other bottles I have been collecting this season are left to right......Red & White Sparkling Sugar, Sugar Pearls, Multi-color Stars, Gold Sugar, Silver Pearlized Jimmies and Jumbo Snowflakes in Blue & White ! All are made in the made in China food products here.(you have to check the labels) I hope to make them this weekend as we (Northern California) are due for more rain starting Friday (it was clear today and supposedly tomorrow too) with rain continuing into the end of next week. Don't know if it will rain on Christmas or not, but either way it will be grand!

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