Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hey, look what I found?
My lost post I did on
Thanksgiving Day from Disneyland! Yippee!
In the front car is my niece, Reyna and nephew, Nino....behind them (2nd car) is my niece, Jasmine and my brother, Anthony. If you look at his left hand you can see he is filming her with his camera. Wish I could post it is a riot! Actually I will see if I can get it on youtube.
And I can't believe this picture turned out as well as it did....the coaster was going pretty fast!

Yes, we are at Disneyland for Thanksgiving!
As I mentioned in my last post, Mike and I came down with my Dad, Stepmom, brother, sister and my 3 nieces and one nephew.(all under the age of 10) Of course the kids are having a ball and we are too. My brother Anthony was able to film our little niece Jasmine (4 years old) while they were riding the little roller coaster in Toontown. I wish there was a way to post it...Her expressions are so cute as she is going over all the hills! Mike and I only made it on a few rides on Wednesday. Pirates, Haunted House, Tom Sawyer's Island, Jungle Cruise, Autopia, Snow White, Pinocchio and Alice in Wonderland. Well, I guess that is more than a few. It was quite crowded and the lines were quite long. The weather was cool yesterday and the nights have been very cold for Southern California. It is suppose to warm up slowly over the next couple of days, but I don't think it will get over 70. Tonight we are having Thanksgiving dinner at the Disneyland Hotel, but not until 8:40 pm.
I am not able to post any pictures now so just loving greetings and many blessings to everyone reading this post.

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