Sunday, August 21, 2011

More Happy Feet the Penguin

"Here I am!"

Isn't he just the sweetest?

I am still watching Happy Feet , but
 trying not to as much as I had. 
  Good grief, I was/am spending hours
and hours each day causing my
rump to go stale and my bedtime
to be after 2 am each night.
(well that is still the same)
  I am trying to watch only his feeding
 and getting snow times (the best)
but still many peeks throughout the
 days.  He leaves August 29th
New Zealand time and
the 28th for the USA.
I find myself caught up in too many
 additional emotions with his release
 (like I need anymore of those)  but he
 has taught me many things for
which I am grateful.   I have written
 a poem about HF that I will share later
in the week.  I will also post some
 fabulous photos taken by another
HF fan from New Zealand - Saphira. 
 She took over 500 photos a few
days ago when she went to see
 him at the Wellington Zoo.
She was blessed to have cold, cold
weather and HF's door was open to
 his little salt water pool.   She has
 been gracious to share them all
 with other Happy Feet fans and to
 let us use them to our heart's content.
Thank you, Saphira !

When you can see the beauty
of a tree, then you will know
what love is.
--- Miranda July

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