Friday, August 26, 2011

HAPPY FEET is starting his journey home.

Happy Feet the penguin will be leaving
 in less than 2 days aboard a research
 vessel heading towards the south pole. 
Myself and other HF fans are glad he
will have the chance to be free, but we
have worried and fretted about all the
unknowns.  He is such a sweet little
 creature, so curious and kind.   When
 the zoo gives him new snow, most of
 the time he just stands there, unafraid.
If they need to put some in the
place he stands, he takes a few steps 
 over to make way for his new snow.
These photos were taken by a HF fan
 in New Zealand, Saphira Brilliant Nrew
who braved the chilly snow to see HF
outside his hospital room in Wellington,
New Zealand.   You can see more
Happy Feet photos HERE

 His beautful eye.

Mr. Shy

 Finally in the pool.

 Coming out of the water....
love his cute little legs!

Sir Happy Feet
(the Sir was given by another
 Happy Feet fan - Denise Toth)

by Lori Bei Durst

There was a little penguin
who came upon the beach.
He thought he'd take a break
but it wasn't within his reach.
It was warm for him you see
because he comes from the cold.
He started eating sticks and sand
thinking they were snow.
Some kind people came along
and seeing his distress
scooped him onto a large ice cube
so he could get some rest.
Off they went to hospital
fixing him best they could---
next was just to watch and wait
hoping healing that he would.
Weeks have turned into months
and then everything was set.
Happy Feet would be returned
to his home of cold and wet.
Thousands of people have watched him,
grow stronger everyday
Most have grown too, you see,
but still hoped that he could stay.
But Happy Feet possesses
many wonderful traits.
Patience, trust and focus too 
which he has passed along to us mates.
So although we are sad to see him go,
and have debated back and forth---
it turned out that our curious
Happy Feet
was the perfect teacher for our growth.
A single sunbeam is
enough to drive away
many shadows.
--- St. Francis of Assisi
Our little Happy Feet
is that sunbeam.

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Marie said...

He will be happy and safe!