Friday, November 12, 2010

More Halloween 2002

Before it gets too close to
Thanksgiving and Christmas
I wanted to continue with
my Halloween 2002 photos!

We left off with The Phantom of the Opera

Long view into the Mummy's Tomb

There he is ..... The Mummy!
He has a message for you to decipher ...

Can you figure out what it says?
I'll post the answer in my next post. :o)
I had a smaller mummy and a partial wall
of hieroglyphics, but no photos. :o(
I built the mummy's tomb out of
foam board (like the tombstones outside)
and we draped the entire room with muslin.
More tomorrow.....
p.s. I had my 50th birthday on Wed.
November 10th...more on that later too!

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