Friday, November 5, 2010

Chilean miner Edison Pena

I just finished watching
Late Night with David Letterman
with guest Chilean miner, Edison Pena.
Did you see him?
He was number 12 during the rescue.
It was so touching to hear him
talk about his ordeal (through an interpreter)
and towards the end of the interview
he sang part of the song Suspicious Eyes
by Elvis Presley! He has a great voice
and was quite the performer!
He is a big fan and
will be visiting Graceland too.
He runs the New York City
Marathon on Sunday (he was the miner
that ran everyday in the mines
to keep his sanity) and then
will come back in January
to see Graceland and Las Vegas.
What a humble man. I am so
glad I got to see him!
He put me in an instant good mood!

Let's live each day
with kindness and joy.

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rebecca said...

Oh I missed it! Wish I had seen that show.