Monday, March 2, 2009

More Seaside Photos

There is no such thing as luck.
It's a fancy name for being always
at our duty, and so sure to be
ready when good time comes.
--- Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

No postcard today, just more
pictures of our trip to the coast.

I love this was so brilliant green and velvety.

The water is Pudding Creek and runs from the hills down to the ocean. It was higher than usual because of the rain, probably 20 feet wide. The ocean is just to the right maybe 200 feet away.

Mike and I wish we could have seen inside the caves,
although I don't think they went back that far.

We were helping the erosion along
by stepping close to the edge and
watching it fall into the water.
Cheap thrills, huh?! :o)

The beach side of the creek
looks like the Grand Canyon,
not in colors, but layers.
Later in the afternoon we drove into Fort Bragg looking for fried shrimp. We ended up at the harbor at Chapter and Moons to the far left of the picture. Long story, but the shrimp was good enough. To the far right is "Captain Flints" which was in the movie "Overboard" with Goldie and Kurt. One of my favorite movies! Weren't they so cute? It was used in the scene were Kurt tells the legend of the two lovers Katerina and Arturo and the waves.
The clouds were a bit too thick
for a truly spectacular sunset,
but this one will do. :o)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HAVE A SAFE DAY!

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