Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Beachcomber Motel

The important thing is to use
today wisely and well, and face
tomorrow eagerly and cheerfully
and with the certainty that we
shall be equal to what it brings.
--- Channing Pollock

No writing or postmark date on the back of this postcard.

I am finally posting as I didn't feel like it the past couple of days. We got back from our 2 night trip to the Mendocino coast on Thursday night. Of course, we had a fabulous time and it just reinforces again, how much we need to live there. I think Mike is coming around. :o) I'll post several pictures, in somewhat order, over the next few days.

Mike had to take a picture of the back of our van loaded for just a 2 night trip! We took just about everything including the toaster ! It is a pain, but even Mike said it is worth it once we are there.

Here is our room this time. We splurge and got a room with a fireplace and whirlpool tub. With tax, etc. it was 269.00 for 2 nights. It was nice to have the gas fireplace, which was on a timer so we could go to sleep with it on. The tub was could still watch tv and sit in the tub! The room also had a vcr and I brought several shows I had taped on video for Mike to catch up.

The view on the day we arrived....Tuesday, 2-24-09. As you can see, the room was a bit more to the right of the property instead of having the beach directly in front of you like the other times we have stayed there.

Of course, we took a walk on the beach after we got everything unpacked. I'll post more pics tomorrow.
And lastly, this darling little kitten that was on a card Mike gave me. :o)


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