Monday, September 23, 2013

Off with their heads and a blue button.

First, a reminder that my give-away 
is still going on.  We need 22 more
 followers before the winner is picked.
Please click HERE for details
on how to win.

Well, the deer are still around and 
ate my new pansies!  I moved them
 closer to the house thinking they
 would be ok until I got them planted,
 but I was wrong!  Little rascals. 
 Now we really need to do something
 to block them off the patio area and 
have it look nice too.  :o)

And I need to pull my buttons during
 the day instead of night.  I'll have to
 re-do this bracelet and change the 
blue button to black!

I love this quote.


diamondc said...

I am a follower I very rarely comment but that beacelet is a hoot, I do like the blue button it reminds me of the blue of night when the moon goes behind the clouds.

diamondc said...

OOps I should have said the blue button reminds me of the dark when the moon goes behind the clouds.