Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Love Lucy Dolls

I wanted to share one of my Christmas gifts
from my step-mom......I Love Lucy Barbies.
I have a couple of these packed away and 
can't remember which ones I have, but I
love these two!    And since they are 
dressed in pink I will keep them in my 
office to enjoy.   :o)   Aren't they a hoot?
Of course this is one of the best
 episodes in the history of television.
I feel like these two .....I have eaten so
much fudge the past 10 days......

These past 4 days have been quite interesting
and I have learned so much about human
 nature and the internet (facebook).    I do 
feel a shift in my brain (good!) which is
something I had wanted a year ago and 
couldn't achieve, but now it is here!
I don't think it was necessarily from my 
experience on the internet (it has crept in 
over time), but it has helped me 
to deal with it.....not the same reactions
that would have been a year before.
I told Mike the other night, "but at the rate
 I am going with my growth I'll have to live
to be 200 years old to enjoy any of my
progress" !   

Here in fortune's fairy boat
Is a cargo, rich and rare;
Blisses!  Kisses! Health and Wealth!
Yours shall be the lion's share.

I can't fully read the back of this postcard, 
but they always give me a tickle because
most are like me and start  "I intended to
write a long letter today, but...."
You can click on the image for a
larger view and see if you can make
out what is written.
The beginning is the most
important part of the work.
--- Plato
Boy, that is the truth for me:
Getting started is half done!

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