Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Yesterday, Mike, Cheryl and I finally
 saw  Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  It was so much fun
 with spectacular effects and incredible
 scenes.  Of course, Johnny is still
easy on the eyes
 and darling in his character.  :o)
Can't wait until Part 5!  
Also, wait until after the long credits
for a quick scene at the very end.

  Front porch pansies
The little birds on the front
porch have hatched although
I have no idea when.  I kept
watching the past 3 weeks, but
never saw anything or heard
a peep.    Mike thought he saw
them a couple of days ago
when the mommy bird (or
daddy bird, there are 2 birds
tending the nest) flew up and
appeared to be feeding them.
Today I actually saw 2 little tilted
heads, but couldn't get a picture.
This is the best I could manage!

One of the parents has a hurt/deformed
 foot, but seems to be doing ok.   I 
keep a look out as much as I can
 for all the cats that are out and about.
We still have unseasonable cool
 weather and rain.   When I took
 these pics it was dusk and clearing
 a bit although another storm is
suppose to be coming Friday morning
thru Saturday.....also some rain on
Sunday and Monday too!
I am behind in all my planting
as I keep thinking it is March,
not June!    I shouldn't complain
as the rest of the nation is having
 such a hard time, but where is
 our lovely Northern California Spring?

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