Friday, May 13, 2011

May 12th was International ME/CFS Awareness Day.

Yesterday, May 12th, was
 International ME/CFS Awareness Day.
For a glimpse of what it is like
to live with this devastating disease/virus
please click HERE 
Here is a bit from Laurel's post ---
"For the millions who are sick, for the millions who have lost years of their lives, and for the millions more who will later become afflicted, please take a moment from your day to reflect and remember. If you know someone with ME/CFS, take the time to write them a quick note and let them know you care, and you have not forgotten them. Take time to learn more about this devastating disease and help spread the word to increase awareness. Take the precious time and the blessing of good health that so many ME/CFS patients have lost, and savor it. Savor it not just for yourself, but for them. For all of those who have lost so much, and who so desperately want their lives back."

In honor of Laurel
 (and her outside birds)
this photo is a new nest on our front
porch.   I wish the Mommy bird was
there, but she must be eating.
Hopefully the little eggs while hatch
over the next couple of weeks.   :o) 
I'll try to get a photo of them if I can.
(At least, I think there are eggs up there!)
  The previous owners put up the wire,
but this is the first year in five
that the birds have made a nest.
I am so excited!
Here is the Mommy bird!
She was on her nest, but
flew out when she saw me.

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Laurel said...

Thank you, Lori, for resposting my words for awareness day. I love the bird nest and bird photo too! It's been pretty quiet outside my window lately, so it's nice to get a view from another window today. :)