Monday, March 21, 2011


Did everyone enjoy their first
day of Spring?  Ours was cool,
 pouring(and I mean pouring!)
rain 10 minutes and then 10
 minutes of the sun peeking
thru the clouds.  It was like
that for most of the day.
Today was peek-a-boo with
 the sun and still cool.  We shall
see what Tuesday brings.
Our water went off on Sunday. 
 We have a well so I had to
 go out and flip the switch.  I
came in and turned on the water
 and it wouldn't go on.   Out again
to flip the switch and again the
water wouldn't go on.  Both
times I had turned it on towards
 the hot water.  So the third time
I tried the cold and it came on!
YIPPEE!  But it was short lived
 as it went off again.  So out again
 and on again the water.....let the
 faucet run a couple of minutes and
it stayed on so I thought all was
 okay.  I started a load of laundry
and 2 inches into filling the basin,
 it turned off again.  Good grief,
I didn't know if it had something
 to do with the water-heater or not.
It seemed like every time I had
the hot water on for more than
 a minute or two it shut off.  Anyway,
now a long story short, it was a
broken pipe going to one of the
 outside faucets!  The guys got it
figured out and now, as far as I
 know, I have water again!  I'll let
 you know the next time.  (after
 I take a shower, do a load of
 laundry and use the dishwasher!)
I am getting together the item
for my first give-away and will
post a picture this week.
To enter, please become a follower
 of my blog and if you are already a
 follower just leave a comment and say
 "please enter me in your give-away".
(or something like that  :o)

by Eleanor Roosevelt
We shape ourselves
the joy or fear
Of which the coming
life is made,
And fill our future's
With sunshine or
with shade.
--- Whittier

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