Thursday, April 21, 2016

Baby ducks on the move !

We had a duck nest at the cottage
 (right by our kitchen door)
 and here they are finally making 
their way to the water, after approx. 27 days.
11 little ones hatched out of 17 eggs.
April 19, 2016.
I'll be sharing more later.


Tam Francis said...

That is so precious. I want baby ducks. I'm afraid they'll eat my veggies and herbs though. Do they?

Linda said...

Absolutely precious! So lovely to see. :)

Rachel and Pia's Cottage said...

Hi Tam, Sorry I didn't see your message earlier. It looks like they will eat your is a link I found We live on the lake so they are not pets. Good luck and thanks for visiting. :o)

Sara World said...
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