Tuesday, August 27, 2013

KALE, no more

Look what I woke up to
this morning .......
my kale, no more!
(click on photo for larger look)

Yesterday morning when I got up
the far left plant had been eaten, but
the rest were fine.   We thought 
maybe the deer came up and nibbled 
on it so last night we put some
chairs, etc to block entrance into
the courtyard...........
Well I can't imagine they jumped
over (I know they can, but it is a
fairly small area) so now we
don't know what to think !
There was a little possum out
and about last night, but I 
don't know if he or she would
have eaten it?
It is a puzzlement !
And they were such lovely
larger leaves I was just getting
ready to use.   Little darlings, 
whoever they are!


Marie said...


The Girl in the Jitterbug Dress said...

I have some of the same issues with Kale. I would guess snails or grasshoppers, but to eat all overnight? WOW! Although for a while I had a bunch of caterpillars who were munching. As soon as my garden looks good again, I'll do a post of Victory Gardens (since my novel & site are very WWII jiterbug-centric girlinthejitterbudress.com), but the heat has taken it out of my poor plants. Best of luck to yours. Hurrah for fall gardening coming up.