Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Oh my.....the first day of Spring in
 Northern California is gray and drizzly! 
I hear that in many parts of the
country it is warm and green, so I
am thankful that many who may
not be able to enjoy a sunny first day of
 Spring in the past, can enjoy one this year!

Most orchards have already bloomed,
 but I am hopeful there will still be 
more blossoms to see once this rain is
 done.  A friend calls them "Cotton
 Candy" trees.  Isn't that sweet?  There 
is a house in Redwood Valley with 
long driveway that is lined with them.  
She says that is where the
 Cotton Candy Fairy lives.
I am always writing silly little
ditties, but this one, that came to
me on Sunday, is helpful.
You must find some joy
in work or play ---
to make Heaven found
in each new day.
Cotton candy wishes for a joyful week!


Anonymous said...

thank you! I love this.....

Glitter and Grunge Studio said...

Hi Lori!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It's nice to "meet" you.

Love those cotton candy trees, and the thought that the cotton candy fairies live there!!!

(We have something in common... I love writing silly little ditties too!!! ~Very nice)

Have a great day :)