Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day 2012

Did everyone enjoy their
extra day?   It went by so
fast, I hardly did anything
I had hoped I would!
I thought I would
include a couple photos
of my outside frogs as it
is Leap Day.
Mike and I had lunch out
and looked at another house.
Although it was nice inside, it
was out of the area we would like
to be.   I keep thinking our
next house will be just around
the corner, at anytime.

Pink blossoms at our local Walmart
 parking lot.  I love the pink with the 
green-gray lichen.
We had quite a wind storm last night
and scattered gusts earlier today.
There was some rain and it was
 cold!  It seems to have calmed down
 now and sun is expected tomorrow.
We do need more rain, but I am ready 
for Spring and we have barely had a
Today is an extra day,
that happens every
four years.....
So enjoy it, have fun,
laugh and dance,
and kiss a frog my dear!

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