Friday, December 30, 2011

Funny postcard from 1907

Funny little postcard from 1907

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas weekend.
We did, but it went by too fast.   We saw Mike's
folks and sister Terri Christmas eve and Christmas day and then spent Monday afternoon and had dinner with my Dad and family at Outback Steakhouse.   I'll post a couple of pics of my nieces and nephew soon.  
I just love those kids !
Mike has been sick since Tuesday.   He never gets sick.
Last time he was like this was Xmas 1996!    He is a bit bummed to be sick on his time off.   So far, I am holding my own.  We have been taking lots of different stuff including soup that I added fresh garlic to and boy, it is potent!  Hopefully that  will kill off any germs incubating in me and the rest in Mike!   :o)

A good conscience is a continual Christmas. 
--- Benjamin Franklin

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