Saturday, September 18, 2010

Inspired Ideas and time sure does fly!

If wrinkles must be
written upon our brows,
let them not be written
upon the heart.
The spirit should
not grow old.
--- James A. Garfield

Oh my goodness! Look how time flies when you are having fun !
(Yes, I mean that sincerely! :o) The summer went by way too quick, but we did have fun and still plan to enjoy each day as it comes. Hope you will join me in doing the same?
As you know, I love these old postcards....this one is from 1910, 100 years ago. It is so amazing to me how so much can be crammed into 100 years!
The below picture is from Ceago Winery located between Nice and Lucerne in Lake County, California. This is looking from the lake towards the main winery buildings. Lovely, isn't it? We finally made it over there July 6th just in time to see 1/2 of the lavender field in bloom. So many people told me I must go and see the lavender! As you can see they had trimmed one side and the other was to be started the next day. It was quite a sight and the smell was heavenly! And tons of lovely little honey bees buzzing about. (I took some pics of them and will post soon) They usually have the trimming done by the end of June so I felt so blessed and lucky to have seen and smelled the lavender this year ! I will post more pictures this week. I plan to get back to posting regularly. Really I do !
Oops, I almost forgot to mention (and the reason I started this post!) that I placed an ad in a new free online magazine called Inspired Ideas by Amy Powers. I have checked Amy's blog from time to time and saw she was resurrecting her newsletter Inspired Ideas, but this time she was selling ads. I was lucky to get in on the first issue of, I am sure, many more to come. She is so sweet and so talented and although I haven't met her in person (she lives on the East Coast) I am sure she is as nice as can be in person as she is over the internet ! You can check it out here:
Lots of fun ideas and projects that require very little experience, money or time. We should all take the time to use our creativity
even a little bit. :o)
Thanks so much Amy!

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